Our Story

Point.  Click.  Point.  Click.  Swipe.  Click.  Type.

It seems as if we spend a large portion of our days doing just the above. 

Enter the world of Beyblades.  Beyblades bring the fun back into the lives of millions of kids with a hands-on game.  Not only does it involve a lot of social interaction, kids learn how to challenge each other and take part in tournaments.

Our ten-year old son is absolutely fascinated with Beyblades and what better way to teach him the fundamentals of running a business than to sell a few Beyblades.  To watch his eyes light up when new inventory comes in is priceless.

That's how BeybladeToys.com was born and we hope to keep the spirit of Beyblades alive for kids to enjoy for years to come.

We are grateful for our customers and we love the opportunity to serve you.